Tuition: $895.00
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Hours: Monday 8am through Friday 4pm

Overnight camp is the most popular program at Summer Soul Surf Camp. Our family style campground is located at San Clemente State Park and is equipped with tents (boys and girls are separated), hot showers, campfire and fully loaded kitchen including barbeque grill and refrigerator. Wake up to the smell of bacon and pancakes, and then it's off to San Onofre State Beach for a day of surfing, beach activities, nutritious lunch and fun. After the beach, it's back to the campground for snacks and afternoon activities including: Ping-Pong, foosball, painting, indo boards, skateboards, bikes (helmets are mandatory), jewelry making, guitar and ukulele.

Campers are treated to delicious, home cooked, well balanced meals. Campground BBQ at it's finest. At night we watch surf videos and movies on our big screen TV with comfy couches and beanbags. This overnight program gives campers and staff the opportunity to really get to know each other and participate in all camp programs.

Surf instruction and beach activities are located at "Dog Patch" at San Onofre State Beach with overnight camping at the San Clemente State Park campground. Staff members drive campers from the campground to the beach and back again. Parents are given staff cell phone numbers and can check in at any time.

What's included:
Quality surf instruction for all levels (more info)
Basic water safety instruction (more info)
Soft surfboards, wetsuits & rash guards
Beach & afternoon activities (more info)
Special Overnight Camp Programs (more info)
24-hour adult supervision (more info)
CPR / First aid certified surf instructors (more info)
State Park Rangers on duty
3 hardy meals per day including snacks and water / juice (more info)
State-of-the-art four to six man tents. Boys and girls are separated
Hot showers
Surf shop tour
Awards ceremony (more info)
Volcom Surf Camp tee shirt and hat

For detailed information about surf instruction, camp programs and beach activities click here.

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summer soul overnight camp
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