Tuition: $495.00 register online here
Hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm

All you need is a swimsuit, sunscreen, hat and towel. We take care of the rest. Day Camper drop-off is 8am at the San Clemente State Park campground.

Campers are driven to "Dog Patch", San Onofre State Beach for a day full of surf instruction, beach activities, and fun. Campers also enjoy lunch time discussions on topics like: wave selection, surfing the right beach according to skill level, surf etiquette and culture.

Nutritious lunch, snacks and water/juice are provided daily. Day camper pick-up is 4pm at the campground.

Tuition: $495.00
Hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm

What's included:
Quality surf instruction for all levels
Basic water safety instruction
Soft surfboards, wetsuits & rash guards
Beach and afternoon activities
Nutritious lunch including snacks and water/ juice
8 hours adult supervision
CPR / First aid certified surf instructors
State Lifeguards on duty
Surf shop tours
Awards ceremony
Volcom Surf Camp tee shirt and hat

For detailed information about surf instruction, camp programs and beach activities click here.

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