Lunch Time Activities Surfing takes strength and endurance. For health and safety campers are required to take a mid-day break. Staff members encourage campers to eat a balanced meal, drink plenty of water, spend time in the shade and re-apply sunscreen. After lunch campers participate in talks and activities like:

The importance of the Surfrider Foundation, environmental awareness and respect the beach: This may include tide pool walks and presentations of the water cycle from rain to mountain to river to ocean and how this affects our beaches.

How to keeping our beaches clean.
Campers will do a minimum of one beach clean-up with tickets given out for creative ways to make the beach cleaner.

Water Etiquette
Professional surfers will discuss water etiquette and offer a Q&A regarding professional surfing, the importance of staying in school, and career choices.

Experts in kinesiology and health/fitness will engage campers in interactive games while learning about fitness, nutrition and balance.

Ocean Science
Importance of wave forecasting/ocean science: Explain how weather creates and affects waves, how to read and predict weather and surf.

Afternoon Beach Activities
We understand that not everyone enjoys surfing two surf sessions every day. Campers opting out of the afternoon surf session can enjoy any of these fun beach activities: Dodge-ball, volleyball, soccer, capture the flag, sea glass hunting and board games.

Afternoon Campground Activities
After a long day of surfing, campers are ready to "Chill Out" back at camp; take a hot shower or cat nap on the couch. Take a tour of the beautiful State Park campground on a Sector 9 Skateboard or beach cruiser bike. Helmets and shoes are mandatory. All campers are invited to participate in the following activities: Ping-Pong, bean bag toss, indo boards, arts & crafts. Day Camper pick-up is 4:00pm.

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